Utility Aid aligned Ferne Animal Sanctuary's energy contracts with one supplier


Utiliy Aid improved budget security for the foreseeable future

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Savings of £4734 were made which will be reinvested into refuge and rehabilitation for over 300 animals

Case study: The Ferne Animal Sanctuary


Ferne Animal Sanctuary has been caring for unwanted and abandoned domestic & farm animals for over 75 years. They provide refuge and rehabilitation for over 300 animals on their 51 acre site. They rehome dogs, cats and horses but most animals will stay at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

"No false promises but genuine honest advice".

Elaine Hayes (CEO)
Ferne Animal Sanctuary


The Sanctuary relies entirely on donations and strategic financial decisions are vital for the work to continue. In addition, they have a responsibility to their donors to ensure every penny is well spent. The Chief executive (Elaine Hayes) realised that utility bills were steadily increasing, she was being bothered by a lot of sales people and had "no idea who was genuinely offering the best price." This is prolific across the sector. Every year charities and not-for-profit organisations are losing money on electricity and gas. Many financial managers are unaware of exemptions, VAT reductions and available rebates (a situation exacerbated by some suppliers who often treat charities as small businesses).

"Straightforward billing, no confusion and were easy to deal with".

Elaine Hayes (CEO)
Fern Animal Sanctuary


Elaine was proactive, took control of the situation and contacted Utility Aid for guidance.

She was assigned an energy specialist who:
Aligned contracts with one supplier
Coordinated end dates for efficiency
Saved the sanctuary a total of £4,734

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